Monday, August 15, 2011

Many thanks!

A heartfelt "Thank you!" to everyone who made our Spring/Summer tour such a memorable success.  Further, we would especially like to thank everyone who took us up on our 5-minute Science Fiction Challenge, wherein we dared our friends and contemporaries to make short sci-fi shows to perform with us.  You all are the crème de la crème!
Dave would like to thank his mom in particular for saving RPM the embarrassment of canceling many shows by loaning them her car while the RPMobile (not an "app") got fitted with new dentures that looked and cost the same as a clutch.  Anyone who would like to donate generously towards that collection of truck teeth should feel free to do so!
The Standard Model is currently taking a nap in a barn, dodging goose poop and counting their blessings that the roof doesn't leak (not all puppet shows are so lucky...).  The puppets of the show are eager to let anyone and everyone know that they're ready to entertain the masses at the drop of a hat however.  Especially a donation hat. 
RPM is trying to make for a productive summer at the moment, with Angela and Dave both working at irregular "jobs" around Vermont.  We are also processing the applications received along the tour to figure out where we might relocate the Base of Operations for the Puppet Conspiracy. 
The puppets thank you all, too.  Except maybe not the dog that tried to eat the main character in Cleveland, Ohio.

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